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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fifty-six Million Babies 'Legally' Sacrificed Since Roe v Wade

A Poem by Tom Graffagnino

Fifty-six million babies 'legally' sacrificed since Roe v Wade oozed it's way under the door....

It’s what happens to a culture
When the darkness is condoned…
It’s what happens when what’s righteous
Meets Pro-Choicest hearts of stone.

It’s what happens when the fruitful
Turns to barren then decays…
When what’s full drains out to empty,
When God’s Grace does not amaze.

It’s what happens when foundations
Are dreamed up on shifting sands…
It’s what happens when the people
Disregard the Lord’s commands.

It’s what happens to a country
When there’s no more God to fear….
It’s what happens to the conscience
Over time when it’s been seared.

It’s what happens to a nation
When there’s no more light or salt…
And when shame is shamed to silence,
We pretend it’s no one’s fault.

It’s what happens to a people,
When the Truth is disavowed…
When the Word no longer matters,
When it’s shunned and disallowed.

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