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Thursday, November 12, 2015

NYC Parade Chairman and Critic of St. Patrick Harvests Fetal Tissue

Joseph Schaeffer
Crisis Magazine

The new chairman of New York City’s iconic Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, who has proposed eliminating the honoring of Saint Patrick from the parade’s bylaws, is “a director” of a foundation that financially supports medical experiments that use fetal tissue harvested from abortions and acquired for a fee from a company at the heart of the Planned Parenthood video scandal that has horrified the nation.

Dr. John Lahey, who took control of the parade’s board of directors in July, called a meeting for Oct. 29 with agenda points designed to secularize the traditional celebration of Irish Catholic heritage.

Matthew Hennessey, writing in Crisis, reports:

According to the meeting’s published agenda, committee members will decide whether to remove the section that states, “The Parade will be held in honor of St Patrick, the Patron Saint of the Archdiocese of New York and the Patron Saint of Ireland….” 
[T]he board of directors will also vote on whether to remove the requirement that members of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade committee be Roman Catholic, active members of a parish, and of Irish descent. The formation of a new executive committee will exclude affiliated organizations like the Ancient Order of Hibernians from any future decision-making role in the parade and grant Lahey near total control of the event.

The meeting was later postponed, Irish Echo reports.

Lahey is also president of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. On his bio page at the university’s website, Lahey is listed as “a director of” a group called the “Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy.”

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Joseph Schaeffer is the former managing editor of The Washington Times National Weekly.

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  1. This is disgusting. Saint Patrick's Day is a Roman Catholic feast day! It's not a secular holiday even though many people see it as a day to party and get drunk. The Saint Patrick's Day parade must be kept as a Roman Catholic parade and should not include any group that lives opposed to Catholic doctrine!