Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pro-Life Updates from Chester County, PA Pro-Life Coalition

From Paulette Matthews
Chester County Pro-Life Coalition

  • 40 Days for Life
  • Baby Shower
  • Planned Parenthood in West Chester, Pa
 40 Days for Life
Thank you, everyone who made this 17th - 40 Days for life Campaign another success in West Chester.
It has finally been reported by the International 40 Days leaders that 834 babies were saved during this campaign. This brings the total of babies saved since 2007 to 11,165 babies saved from abortion.

I talked with the ladies at Chester County Women Medical Services about the coupons that we hand out during our vigil hours. They said that they do receive our coupons and the women do get their pregnancy tests and ultra sounds done there. 

Unfortunately, the women have not shared their plans for the babies with the ladies lately. By our presence at PP and those women accepting the coupons, they were able to make their decisions fully informed. The rest is in the hands of Our Lord and the Holy Spirit.

Baby Shower
Our third 40 Days' baby shower received 156 items and $90. Thank you for your generosity. All items have been disturbed to the Birthrights in West Chester & Coatesville and CCWS. 

Your generosity is as always so much appreciated, needed and accept by women with such happy hearts. It is such a blessing to visit the pregnancy centers as the culture of life permeates all around. Continue to save your used baby clothes up to size 4 as they too are truly needed.

Planned Parenthood in West Chester, Pa

Planned Parenthood has new larger signs with more information on them about their availability. As of the last time I was down at PP, nothing was written in Spanish.
Planned Parenthood in West Chester, Pa. will take you to their websites. Their fees for procedures are posted on West Chester's Health Center. Abortion fees are not posted on their Surgical Center website.

Same building listed under two names. Lee Tripp is listed as being 62 years of age. Let us all make a special effort to pray that the Holy Spirit will encourage him to seek an early retirement.

Since there has been so much coverage on the shifting of government money from PP to other qualified health care providers, those local providers are now listed on our 40 Days for Life website  using this link for your convenience. They are the last listing on the Resources list which is located on the right of the local West Chester map. These are the centers that CCWS etc uses. Also listed are two places where STD testing is free. Please feel free to copy them if you like. 

West Chester's PP is one of the 5 centers that: If your are under 18, fees for services will be waived.

You are still encouraged to hand out CCWS brouchure with the free pregnancy test/ultra sound coupon and the Greater Philadelphia Pregnancy & Assistance Resource Guide and the HLA brochure. The women are then fully informed with all the help that is available and that they are not alone. If you are in need of any of this material contact Chester County Pro-life Coalition 610-692-4463. has posted the unreleased tapes that David Daleiden had recorded at the National Abortion Foundation's annual meeting in San Francisco, Ca. on April 7, 2014 The discussion on segment 9 is on the topic of fetal remains. This discussion centers around the problem with the disposal of aborted babies. Because of the laws of each state and businesses not wanting to accept so many babies remains, the speaker said "we are one incineration company away from being closed."

Alternative methods of disposal was discussed and another problem where do we put all the children's ashes? It was also mentioned that the abortion industry must be very careful to follow regulations as the anti-abortion people (us) are vigilant in watching what the abortion business does.
Our presence in front of PP is not only saving children's lives but helping to keep women safe when they enter into PP's buildings. We, the culture of life, is gaining so much headway and the abortion industry is floundering in so many ways. I hope this shared information give you the fortitude to periodically go down to PP and keep the vigil going for the unborn and their families. 

One last thought to ponder. According to Planned Parenthood birth control is the answer to family planning and putting women in control of their lives. 

Why then did Cecile Richard's birth control fail?? Let me quote Richards response to Katie Couric when asked about her abortion. "It was a decision my husband and I made. It was a personal decision. And we have three children that we adore and they are the center of my life. And we decided that was as big as our family needed to be. That was really the story. It wasn't anything more dramatic than that."


God bless you and thank you again for keeping 40 Days for Life in your prayers and covering vigil hours for the children. A special thanks goes out to Pastor Joseph Stagora and his wife, Wendy, Thomas Ackerman and Pastor Don Britton for there inspiration and guidance that they gave to us through this campaign to keep us spiritually refreshed to keep doing the work of our Saviour.

Think warm for February as the next 40 Days for Life begins on February 10th. Yes, an early Easter. If you have any ideas that could improve our local 40 Days, please, please share with me. We are always looking to improve for the babies. Any special event you would like see happen? Also, speak often of the unborn and their plight as this is the season when the most special Child in the entire world was an unexpected Blessing and became the Savior of the world for all ages.  

Again thank you in behalf of the unborn, their families, Chester County Pro-life Coalition and myself for your support as we prepare for out 18th - 40 Days for Life Campaign in Chester County. 

All God's blessings wished to you and yours for all the holidays and the coming year. 

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