Sunday, November 8, 2015

Woman Files Complaint After Clinic Botches Abortion: “You Still Have a Whole Baby Inside You”

Micaiah Bilger

A former abortion patient is speaking out after a Jacksonville, Florida abortion practitioner botched her abortion and left her baby alive inside of her.

The anonymous woman told the First Coast News that she had been conflicted about having an abortion but feared that she could not afford a baby.

She scheduled an appointment with the All Women’s Health Center of Jacksonville in March, not knowing that the abortion clinic has a history of botched abortions and deficient care.

Two weeks after the abortion, the woman realized she was still pregnant, according to the report. She returned to the clinic where they told her, “’Oh, honey, I’m so sorry – you still have a whole baby inside of you.”

“I just went out of my mind a little bit, I was crying, I was scared. Can you imagine grieving for a child you had to terminate to find out you’re still pregnant with the child? It is a blow.”

The abortion clinic gave her the option to have another abortion at no charge, but the woman refused.

“I didn’t want to kill twice,” she told the station.

She gave birth in September to a baby boy. Though born prematurely, her son is in good health, the report states. The woman said she now “thanks God” that her baby is alive.

She also does not want other women to be subjected to the same shoddy care she received at the Jacksonville abortion clinic. According to the news report, the woman filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Health against the clinic and the doctor who performed her abortion, Dr. Laura Reinerston.

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