Saturday, November 28, 2015


From Reverend Katherine Marple

“At this time, it is unclear if the shooter in Colorado Springs was targeting Planned Parenthood. It is abhorrent to us at KeepLifeLegal that anyone would use violence at any abortion facility for any reason. While there is violent death behind every door of every abortion facility, that does not justify Robert Lewis Dear’s violence. KeepLifeLegal is a continued advocate of Sidewalk Ministry & Advocacy. We are in continued prayer of this situation.”

Just last week, a sidewalk advocate’s life was threatened by an abortion worker. Dads who bring their unborn children to be aborted threaten to kill us all the time, not just now and then. Last year, a Pastor bringing his daughter for an abortion threatened all of us with a gun he said was in his car while the ‘guard’ did NOTHING. There are drive-by murder threats ALL THE TIME. Random people, and I mean RANDOM, will gun for praying sidewalk advocates with their cars. But what’s interesting is that this happens EVERY DAY on the sidewalk and the only people dying are the innocent unborn children. THAT is TERRORISM.

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