Sunday, November 1, 2015

Woman 31 Weeks Pregnant Went to Planned Parenthood for Abortion, Something Changed Her Mind

Life News: Shawn Carney

One of the prayer volunteers called out to a woman who was walking towards the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Cincinnati. “Please don’t go in there!” she pleaded, and invited the woman over to talk.

She stopped … and turned around. She told the volunteer that she was there for a “consultation” appointment prior to an abortion.

After she and the volunteer talked for a while, the woman agreed to go to the pregnancy help center – it’s only a few blocks away.

As she continued to talk, the 40 Days for Life participants learned that she was a student … and afraid of how her parents would react to her pregnancy. She thought she was about 17 weeks pregnant.

When the pregnancy center completed the ultrasound … it turns out she was more like 31 weeks pregnant. At that stage, Planned Parenthood would not have done an abortion – but they would have likely referred her to another center that might.

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