Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pro-Life Waco November Updates

from John Pisciotta (The Protest Retireee)
Director of Pro-Life Waco

1. Pedestrian Overpass Outreach on the day of BU/OU football game.

The plan to have an Interstate 35 pedestrian overpass outreach the day of the Baylor football game really worked out well. The traffic was huge and brought in some people who were not typically in our fair city. We even had one couple of University of Oklahoma fans come up and join us for a brief period of time. We had 10 of our faithful up on the overpass with the experience of seeing a whole lot of traffic and a whole lot of affirmative honking. Those with very good eyesight could occasionally see a passenger offering a negative hand sign.

We did have one setback--the arrival of a Texas hi-way patrolman and a Waco a police officer. They claimed we could not legally attach our signs to the wire mesh surrounding the overpass. After a long discussion we eventually relented and held the signs. Unfortunately we did not have enough people there to hold all of the signs we had displayed. So this brings an important change for future overpass outreach. We’re going to have to have larger numbers participating to display all our important signs. As with everything in Pro-Life Waco, we need y-o-u!

2. Protest Bank of American in Month #3
#ProtestBOA is led by Pro-Life Waco for Waco and the capital city of Texas. ProtestABQ is now delivering weekly BOA protests in Albuquerque. #ProtestBOA coming to two even larger cities in and out of Texas in the very near future. Do you live in a city with the Bank of America branch? If yes, could you join this nationwide protest? If you are willing to join, Pro-Life Waco will send you two large signs printed with messages front and back. We will guide you to do the rest. The signs will be nicely printed and free. What do you think? Could you join the campaign?

On November 17th we delivered #ProtestBOA on Valley Mills Drive from 11 to 1 p.m Did we win? We win every time we show up to respect and honor of babies killed and desecrated by Planned Parenthood. Two examples from today: A gentleman took our flyer before he went in to Bank of America for business. When he came out, he asked for another flyer since he had given his to a bank manager. A lady came out and visited with me ask extensively. She thanked us for taking a stand in the public square. She said she would close out her accounts at Bank of America within the coming week. She complimented us on our lifesaver T-shirts. We always carry extra T-shirts with us and she was very happy to take one home and said she would definitely wear it.

Thursday is #ProtestBOA in busy downtown Austin. The location for #ProtestBOA in Austin at the Bank of America is 515 Congress Ave. If you live near Austin just come on down to join in for an experience of a lifetime. I know that in my 20 years of pro-life, I have never been in a situation of mingling with throngs of pedestrians--some who love you and some not so much. We will again vanpool from the St. Mary’s parking lot at 15th and Columbus Avenue departing at 9 AM for the protest. We will stop in Georgetown for lunch and be back in Waco by about 4 p.m. Let’ me know if you will join the gang. Planned Parenthood has committed unspeakable atrocities. Our defense of the babies in the womb threatened by Planned Parenthood must be unprecedented. I hope you will not let these opportunities to be a part of #ProtestBOA pass you by.  More now and more updates on #ProtestBOA by using this link. 

Just minutes ago, I learned about this national online article about #ProtestBOA. The writer is against us. However, the article is still a plus for our campaign.  You can read it by clicking on this link.

3. Letter to the Waco Tribune-Herald blasts PLW Director


Wow, I was greeted on Sunday morning with huge criticism from a local abortion supporter in the Waco newspaper. A malicious letter like this from Cheryl Foster provides an OPPORTUNITY. I ask you to send a letter of response to the Waco Tribune-Herald. You can send to include your address and phone number in the letter you send. 

The Waco Trib likes to print letters from out of town folks. A letter of 100 to 250 words is most likely to be printed. Let’s overload the Waco Trib in-box.

Of course, I am not a hater. If I have a name other that what my mother and father gave me, I prefer “The Protest Retiree.”  Father Stephen Imbarrato, founder of ProtestABQ, is called The Protest Priest. I lifted my name from his. Let’s all have a great and loving week in the battle for the Gospel of Life.

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