Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Action Items from Pro-Life Waco: Dynamic outreach this week

John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco
  1. Protest Bank of America on Tuesday in Waco
  2. Protest Bank of America in Austin on Thursday
  3. Interstate-35 Pedestrian Overpass Outreach in Waco on Saturday--the day of the Baylor/OU football game.

I begin with #3. Our pedestrian overpass outreach in October was rained out. We are back this Saturday on a day that will bring a lot of new and traffic to the interstate because of the Baylor/Oklahoma Big 12 game. Parenthetically, this is the top college football game of the weekend. The time for the overpass outreach will be noon to 2 PM. We will start setting up the display at 11:30. So you’re welcome to come out early and help. Don’t let 2015 go by without participating for at least 30 minutes in this powerful public outreach event. Thousands of passengers will see our pro-life signs. There’s no need to be out the whole time. All the signs are G rated. This is a fine opportunity to bring out the whole family or a church group. You may park your vehicle on South 8th street where this street approaches I-35.

Before I get to the details of #ProtestBOA, I have some big news. #ProtestBOA is about to burst onto the scene in larger cities and in different states. These include Charlotte, Dallas, and Albuquerque. All of us can participate in challenging Bank of America for their matching grant donations to Planned Parenthood. Go to this website, and you can read all about #ProtestBOA, see the 5 ways that you can participate, such as calling national headquarters and visiting with a bank officer in your hometown.

The #ProtestBOA game plan in Waco is the same as it has been for two months. While this outreach repeat each week, the responses are new and positive. We have customers complaining to Bank of America managers about their alliance with Planned Parenthood or simply closing out their accounts. On Tuesday November 10, we deliver #ProtestBOA at 1100 N. Valley Mills Dr. in Waco from 11 to 1 p.m. Park in the Kentucky Fried Chicken lot directly across the street from Bank of America or use street parking of Emerson Drive which is right off of Lake Air Drive (with Harold Waite Restaurant on your right and Uncle Dan’s BBQ Restaurant on your left). Bank of America management hopes we fade away. We will not. I am hoping and praying from 25 instead of 10 pro-lifers participating in #ProtestBOAon Tuesday. The event will be a blessing to those who step forward.

The game plan is going to change for Austin. Instead of Wednesday, for the foreseeable future #ProtestBOA in Austin will be on THURSDAYS. I’ve been told this will be more convenient for several people. Also, the change of pace will give us an opportunity to sidestep the small number of counter protesters. The location for #ProtestBOA in Austin at the Bank of America is 515 Congress Ave. This is the famous/infamous corner of 6th Street and Congress Avenue. We will again vanpool from the St. Mary’s parking lot at 15thand Columbus Avenue departing at 9 AM for the protest. We will stop in Georgetown for lunch and be back in Waco by about 4 p.m. Let’ me know if you can and will join the gang. If you have not been along for the ride, you will experience a day you will never forget. I hope we can fill the 12-passenger van. Planned Parenthood has committed unspeakable atrocities. Our defense of the babies in the womb threatened by Planned Parenthood must be unprecedented.
I recently read a short essay on how to teach your children to be courageous in public Christian witness. The article left out what I think is the strongest way to teach a child Christian witness. This is let your child catch you in acts of Christian public witness with your child on your shoulders or at your side.

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