Saturday, November 28, 2015

Clinic Sidewalk Outreach Rescues a Dozen Babies in 3 Months

Baby saved outside Columbus Planned Parenthood!

from Mark Harrington, National Director
Created Equal

Columbus, OH – Nov 25, 2015 – What are you thankful for? As many assemble around turkey and pumpkin pie tomorrow, please join us in thanking God for twelve more babies rescued by Created Equal at Planned Parenthood in Columbus, OH—since September alone! Check out the adorable ultrasound picture of one such baby rescued recently.

Elizabeth Johnston, Director of Created Equal's Sidewalk Ministry, relays the story of this baby's rescue:
Wow! What a day! Praise God with me! This mom has chosen life! She had already paid for her abortion. Coach Dave Daubenmire (Created Equal Sidewalk Ministry team leader) called out to her, "We will adopt your baby!" She approached him and admitted she would rather adopt and gave Coach her phone number. My friend Joanne called her. The kids and I picked her up at her house, drove her and her beautiful daughter to the pro-life pregnancy center, and got her set up with a Christian adoption agency.
Click here to listen to Elizabeth share about the effort to rescue lives in Columbus on Activist Radio: The Mark Harrington Show.

Click here to watch another couple outside Planned Parenthood in Columbus share their ultrasound photos and declare, "We're pregnant and we're keeping it!"

Created Equal's Sidewalk Ministry was launched as a result of #ProtestPP, the historic national protests of Planned Parenthood we spearheaded along with Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. The mission: a consistent presence outside Planned Parenthood with men and women offering aid and counsel to those planning to kill their children.

In the few months since the launch, we've seen 12 children spared from the death of abortion at this single Planned Parenthood facility. That's an average of one per week! Planned Parenthood has even added "escorts" outside their building to try to stop our slowing down of their business.

The story above is not unique. It is truly one of a dozen recent stories of children rescued, parents receiving the truth in love, and Planned Parenthood losing victims.

The glory for these babies' lives belongs to God. Please join us in thanking Him. And consider joining us outside Planned Parenthood. To get involved, email You can be part of saving lives!

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