Sunday, November 1, 2015

Planned Parenthood Spends $600,000 Lobbying Congress Against De-Funding


Planned Parenthood is spending big bucks trying to save its public image after undercover videos show that it may be profiting off the sale of aborted babies’ body parts.

In July, August and September, the abortion business spent $600,000 on advocacy – almost double the amount spent in the first two quarters of the year combined, according to a report by Congressional Quarterly.

The money went into public relations firms, rallies in 90 cities, pink T-shirts, social media, petitions and travel expenses for women to lobby for Planned Parenthood in Washington, D.C. – all in a failed attempt to hide its gruesome trade of aborted babies’ body parts.

Planned Parenthood also gave $76,645 exclusively to Democrats this election cycle, according to its tax filings.

Despite record spending, Planned Parenthood’s reputation is going sour, according to recent polls. As reported earlier this week at, a strong majority of Ohio residents want Planned Parenthood to be de-funded and the money redirected to community health centers, according to a new poll.

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