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Monday, January 2, 2017

This 81-Year-Old Woman Got a 'Don’t Euthanize Me' Tattoo

‘I’m going to live until God’s ready for me’

Catholic News Agency

Calgary, Canada, Dec 31, 2016 / 10:43 am (CNA).- An 81-year-old walking into a tattoo shop may sound like the start of a joke, but to Christine Nagel, her new ink is no laughing matter.

The Calgary grandmother recently had the words “Don’t euthanize me” tattooed on her arm.

“It’s drastic, but this very clearly says, ‘I’m going to live until God’s ready for me’,” she told Canadian news outlet, Globalnews.ca.
A devout Christian, Nagel opposes assisted suicide, which was legalized in Canada this summer. It is already legal in several other European countries.

In the U.S., a handful of states currently allow for assisted suicide, and numerous states have seen legislative pushes to legalize it in the past year.

The Catholic Church opposes all forms of suicide as violating the inherent dignity of human life. Catholic teaching supports palliative care and other options to alleviate suffering without killing a human person.

Critics of assisted suicide laws say they send the message to society that suicide is an acceptable way to handle suffering, and that they are ripe for abuse, from financially motivated killings and lack of consent to lethal pills changing hands.

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  1. I also completely oppose legal assisted suicide. I argued against it in a JSA convention debate (JSA is a political debate club) but sadly, the audience favored it by a margin of 89 to 15. What is this world coming to?